Wilcher furious with Urban Meyer for being dishonest with Mike Weber

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Jeff Corrion

For four years, MikeWeber was highly thought of in the recruiting world. Not just in the state of Michigan and the Midwest, but nationwide. All Weber wanted was to play for a winning college football for a program that had honest coaches.

Weber was completely torn over which school to choose- Michigan or Ohio State. He went back and forth all the way until the final minutes on National Signing Day before choosing to sign with the Buckeyes. He called both Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer before electing to sign with Ohio State.

Weber didn't want to hurt either coach, team, or fanbase's feelings with his decision; that's what made it so difficult. He looked so emotionally upset after signing with Ohio State because he knew how upset Michigan fans would be. This emotion and passion comes from years of being taught the right way to be a person from his parents and coaches at Cass Tech.

Just one day after signing with Ohio State, Weber’s future position coach, Stan Drayton, accepted the Chicago Bears’ offer to become their new running backs coach. Meyer most definitely knew Drayton was headed for greener pastures when talking to Weber one last time Wednesday morning. But he did the thing he knew would get Weber to sign with the Buckeyes, tell him Drayton was staying. That dishonesty had Cass Tech head coach, Thomas Wilcher, outraged. Wilcher spoke to Matt Dery Friday afternoon on 105.1.

“You can’t come up to the north with your pockets full and not give us respect, that’s not going to happen again,” Wilcher said. “I think Urban Meyer is going to have to step his game up.”

Weber likes to keep his word. He decommitted from Michigan because of the uncertainty and now feels the same way with Ohio State.

“This is why he decommitted from Michigan, he didn’t know. I’ve got to get him back, get his spirits back,” Wilcher said.

Wilcher noted that Weber and his family are down in the dumps. Wilcher is there for all of them and is doing his best to make them feel better.

“I can tell you right now that Mike Weber is not happy, Mike Weber’s family is not happy,” Wilcher said. “Mikey will have to go to school with a bunch of people saying ‘I told you so.’”

Asked if he wants to speak with Meyer, Wilcher said “that’s where it starts. It’s a black eye for the university.”

As for Weber, his hands are tied since he did indeed sign his binding National Letter of Intent. Wilcher noted if he does not want to play for the Buckeyes, Ohio State will have to accept his release of the signed National Letter of Intent. If that is to happen, Weber would be eligible to play elsewhere immediately.

“You want to know at least who has your back... That’s a problem,” Wilcher said.

Wilcher added that he, Weber, and Weber’s family have not talked about what their plans for his college choice are.

“If you’re released by your school, I don’t think you have to sit out (a season),” Wilcher said.

As for now, Wilcher wants to get the old, smiling Mike Weber back.

“He’s the most important person right now. I’ve got to worry about him, he’s the one that is hurting,” Wilcher said.

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