Mike Weber discusses commitment to Ohio State

Written by
Evan Paputa
Photo Credit
Brian Quintos

2015 Cass Tech running back Mike Weber didn’t wait until his weekend official visit to Ohio State to commit to the Buckeyes, he did it Wednesday night. Multiple qualities about Ohio State gave Weber the feeling that it is the right fit for him to get to the next level.

“Ohio State: good coaches, they win, good program, and the way they used Carlos Hyde last year was a good way that I want to be used,” Weber said.

Cass Tech assistant coach, Cash Caldwell, praised Weber for the career he had and what he brings to Columbus.

“What doesn't he bring? Best player in the state, and I don't think that's biased. Versatility, athleticism, toughness, you name he has it,” Caldwell said. “He can fit any system, pro-style or spread.”

Weber will become the feature running back in Ohio State’s spread offense and that is similar to Cass Tech’s.

“Speed, quickness, power and physicality. He has good vision, has some of the best hands I've seen, and I've coached some pretty good wide receivers and running backs,” Caldwell said.

Carlos Hyde is a player Weber would like to become like, but Caldwell knows he has big time potential.

“Not sure who to compare him too, but if used appropriately and adequately, you're talking future B1G (Big Ten) P.O.Y. (player of the year), Doak Walker, maybe even Heisman,” Caldwell said.

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