Michigan and Ohio State misspell key words trying to impress Mike Weber

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Evan Paputa

Over the past week, 2015 Cass Tech running back Mike Weber has been subject to Michigan and Ohio State recruiting pitches gone awry. Each team sent Weber a mock magazine cover with him on the cover with their school being represented.

Last week, Weber made national headlines when he tweeted the ‘ESPN The Magazine’ headline with his picture on it with “Michigan’s All-Amercian RB Mike Weber,” with American spelled incorrectly.

Today, Weber tweeted a fake ‘Sports Illustrated’ “Born Winner Ready To Deilver Titles To The Bucks,” but they couldn’t spell ‘deliver’ correct. He later confirmed via twitter that he had received both from the schools themselves.

Despite what fans of both teams might think, the misspellings of seemingly simple words won’t play any role in Weber’s eventual college decision; and he wants to make sure both fanbases understand it.

“Really my opinion on it is it really isn’t a big deal. I know people make mistakes. It was kind of ironic, but it isn’t something to blow out of proportion,” Weber (5-foot-10, 200-pounds) said today in an interview with The D Zone.

“It’s just a simple mistake we make now and then. It doesn’t effect my decision at all,” Weber tweeted.

For fans, this is just another excuse to get to tweet at a highly regarded recruit such as Weber. He enjoys the process and relishes the respect from fans. But, doesn’t appreciate the way fans are blowing a couple of misspellings out of proportion.

After all, would you let it sway your decision if you were in his shoes? I know I wouldn’t and you wouldn’t either. So let him go back to his junior year of high school.

At the end of the day, a couple of misspellings won’t influence Weber against a particular school. But as far as recruiting is concerned, isn’t a few mistakes like these just par for the course?

“It’s just getting crazy. I just enjoy the entertainment. It’s a part of the recruiting process,” Weber recently told The D Zone.

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