Mona Shores 2018 OC/DT Chuckie Anthony has committed to Wayne State

Written by
Jeff Corrion

Mona Shores 2018 OC/DT Chuckie Anthony committed to Wayne State University on Friday evening along with his teammate, Keontae Watson.

Anthony is a versatile lineman who can do several positions well, but is a high IQ player who really excels as a Center and help keep the offense flowing.

Anthony was pretty coveted by several NAIA programs but the chance to play with previous Mona Shores teammates was too good of an opportunity to pass with an offer from Wayne State.

The 6'1 295 lbs OC unfortunately had his senior season cut short from a late and low hit on his legs, that resulted in a torn MCL. The video of the play went viral immediately and stretched as far wide as USA Today's audience.

Fortunately for Anthony's sake he has fought through the adversity and continued to receive interest from colleges.

Graduation Year
  • OC
  • DT