Detroit King 2019 QB Dequan Finn discusses visit to Toledo on 9/16/2017

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

Detroit King 2019 QB Dequan Finn is visiting the University of Toledo this upcoming weekend.

The 6'1" 180 lbs QB is anxious to be back in front of college coaches after a solid sophomore season last year and so far it's been an impressive junior season for Finn as he looked good in their win over Cathedral, Indiana in week 1.

Finn oddly holds just 1 offer from Arkansas State who hasn't offered anyone in Michigan ever before, that fact plus also for what Finn has does should be drawing more praise and recognition.

Finn shared his thoughts on his upcoming visit, "I'm excited," said Finn. "I can't wait to go down there and meet the coaches. I've been talking to a lot of the Toledo coaches and they are excited as well for me to come down there."

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