Teo Redding of Michigan Collegiate discusses his commitment to Bowling Green

On July 3rd the Bowling Green State University Falcons received one of their biggest commits yet. Michigan Collegiate's 6'2 and 161 pound wide receiver Teo Redding decided Bowling Green would be where he wanted to play college football at. Redding is a quick and athletic receiver who is going to be a huge threat in Bowling Green's spread offense.

The D Zone - How does it feel committing to Bowling Green?

Teo Redding - "It feels great to be committed to Bowling Green."

The D Zone - What kind of impact did Bowling Green have by offering you right after Central Michigan offered?

Teo Redding - "When Bowling Green offered it was a huge impact because I already went to their junior day with my family and we really enjoyed it."

The D Zone - What stands out the most about Bowling Green?

Teo Redding - "It felt like the school for me."

The D Zone - What have you enjoyed the most while visiting the campus?

Teo Redding - "I really like their facilities, a lot of them are brand new buildings, they look great. I liked how the coaches talked to me and my family, they made us feel like it was another home for me. I also like how they run their offense, they throw the ball a lot and they have wide receivers in the pro's."

The D Zone - What do the Bowling Green coaches, like about the way you play?

Teo Redding - "The coaches really like how hardworking of a player I am and they also like how I attack the ball where ever its at and they like my character."

The D Zone - When Bowling Green coaches found out you committed, how was their excitement level and what did they say to you?

Teo Redding - "When I committed to Bowling Green and I told the coaches they were fired up and said they are, "about to throw a party as we speak and they said welcome to the Falcon Family Teo, we are so excited to have you."

The D Zone - What's the #1 key to success for you?

Teo Redding - "The number 1 key to success for me is staying humble and working hard to achieve my goals!"

The D Zone - Are you familiar with any players on the Falcons roster?

Teo Redding - "I am familiar with some of the players on the team; Boo Boo Gates (RB), James White (WR) and Shaun Joplin (WR)."

The D Zone - Bowling Green is about a 90 minute drive from Warren, did that effect your decision, knowing it's a close drive home?

Teo Redding - "Knowing that BG was close to home had a huge impact because I'm not far from home and my family can come visit me and they can come to my all of my home games."

The D Zone - What's in store for your future leading up to Signing Day?

Teo Redding - "I have to finish out my high school career strong. I want to have a great football season and win the state Championship. I also want to have fun my Senior year!"