East English Village WR Lindrell Mitchell a different breed on the field

The D Zone was fortunate to have a lot of opportunities this past offseason from the Legacy Center and Max Ex, where the only 2 major 7 on 7 events were held in Michigan. While players like to jaw at one another and attempt to verbally belittle the person they line up against. One player, East English Village Prep 2016 WR Lindrell Mitchell stands out from the rest of the players because he is the total opposite. Time after time this past offseason we seen, Mitchell breeze by defenders and constantly making plays. The time to "shove it" in the face of the opponent is always there, but for Mitchell he would turn around and get ready for the next play each time.

Some people may think those actions by Lindrell Mitchell are not anything special or meaningless, but in a big game where the score is close and yards are tough to come by. Would you rather have a player throws the ball back at the DB or yells in their face, drawing a flag or would you have a Lindrell Mitchell who just helped himself and his team inch closer to winning?

For Lindrell Mitchell he acts humble on and off the field, but when asked to describe his on-field focus, Mitchell admits he doesn't really realize what he's doing, "I never really thought of that," Mitchell when asked about his on-field focus. "At the end of the day you have to line up and play! A lot of players bark but don't bite! I bite without barking! My mentality when I'm on the field is just to be the best player on the field and compete!"

To start his Senior season, Lindrell Mitchell and his teammates have come out of the gates hot. They've defeated strong programs in Walled Lake Central and Renaissance. In week 3 they lost by 5, 15-20 to #1 ranked Detroit King. Still the EEVPA Bulldogs in a great position behind the Senior group including Mitchell who commented on his Senior season, "My Senior season is going great so far! I have 20 receptions for 350 yards and 4 TDs."

East English Village has scored 111 points vs. 3 good teams. Mitchell talked about what's made it click, "Our offense is quite good but can be better! When people often ask what the strongest part of our offense is, we say our line because of how much work they put in! We also have athletic receivers and backs that make a lot of plays with the help of our quarterback making the right reads and delivering accurate spirals!"

The Bulldogs offense also has a new face in a Junior QB transfer in Delvin Washington. Lindrell Mitchell shared how they've got along with the new quarterback, "Well, we push Delvin really hard! We are always on him heavily because we need everyone to play their best ball at all times! Us seniors are also the captains because of how much we push everyone on the team!"

Mitchell is averaging around 7 catches per game, so he is definitely getting open and just importantly catching the ball. The EEVPA receiver provided his thoughts to his early season success, "I've performed very well with my hands, blocking, and routes! I've sparked a couple key plays and touchdowns thanks to downfield blocks! I feel like blocking is another key part of my game!

I've worked really hard on my routes all offseason! Working with Max Ex & Andre Rison! Also, my Receiver coach works with me all the time on my routes and making sure they are crisp enough to elude defenders when they are trying to check me!

My hands are just natural! If a ball touches my hands it's an automatic catch! Because I've worked so hard and have did so many drills pertaining to my hands that it's become automatic for me! Practice for a couple months with no gloves and things of that sort, catching wet balls have helped my hands become good!"

Mitchell dumbfoundingly holds zero offers, but that should change soon. Lindrell Mitchell discussed where's he's at during his recruiting process, "Some schools that are still interested in me is : Toledo, Ball State, Iowa, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Grand Valley, Bryant University, & Bowling Green. I will take visits to the places that offer me a scholarship."

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