Cass Tech 2014 DB Damon Webb talks Ohio State commitment

Written by
Branden Hunter
Photo Credit
Jeff Corrion

Michigan went into Ohio State territory and plucked some of it's top talent away from them last year and this year also. Now The Buckeyes have responded and have done the same to the Wolverines for next year. Cass Tech junior DB Damon Webb is one of the most sought after prospects in the Midwest and in the entire country. has him ranked as the #32 prospect overall,and the second best player in the state of Michigan.

At 6'0,175 pounds,Webb is a projected cornerback at the next level,but also plays wideout for his high school team. He transfered into Cass Tech from UofD Jesuit as a sophomore,and helped the Technicians win a second straight Division 1 state title this past season. Webb committed to coach Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes ironically after their win in basketball over Michigan January 13th. He held offers from the likes of Michigan,Michigan State,Wisconsin,Mississippi State,and LSU.

Webb says he isn't taking any more visits to schools,and is solid on his commitment,but you can bet schools will still be trying to flip him to their program. Webb talked to me about OSU and,why he chose them over UofM.

Position(s): CB Height: 6'0 Weight: 180

First high school game ever played: "My freshman year when I played at UofD Jesuit,we played Grosse Pointe South".

Most memorable high school game ever played: "My most memorable game was against Brother Rice my junior year".

Pre-game ritual: "I listen to music".

Athlete you model your game after: "I would say Deion Sanders or Charles Woodson".

Ultimate deciding factors in his commitment to Ohio State.

Damon Webb - "The coaching,academics,and a winning tradition".

Coach Urban Meyer's reaction when Webb told him he wanted to play for him.

"He was really excited,and he gave my mom and dad a big hug".

Talks about if any of his Michigan teammates Jourdan Lewis,David Dawson or Delano Hill have given him any grief about the commitment to rival OSU.

"Yeah a little they have (laughs)".

On why he chose to transfer to Cass Tech his sophomore year.

"I wanted to really showcase my talent on a bigger stage and have more exposure".

Talks about if any schools are still recruiting him,and if is commitment to OSU is solid.

"Yes schools are still recruiting me,and I am solid on my commitment".

On what other 2014 Michigan prospects he has become friends with.

"Drake Harris and Lawrence Marshall".

His thoughts on his top 50 ranking by in the 2014 class.

"It feels good and I'm truly blessed,but I'm not satisfied still I am #1".

Talks about if he plans on taking any other visits and when he will return to Columbus,Ohio.

"No I'm not visiting any other schools and I was supposed to go down there on Sunday,but I'm not anymore".