Brian Williams of Oak Park Commits to Ferris State (Story)

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

Ferris State didn't need to look further than Oak Park High School to shore up their defensive backs and wide receivers for the Class of 2013. Last week Brandon Harding committed and on December 14th Brian Williams also committed to Ferris State. The timing was perfect for Williams as the 14th was also the day that he turned 18. Ferris State has already addressed their skilled positions with some of the best available players, Nick Maher out of Woodhaven at QB, Brandon Harding out of Oak Park at WR, and Jahaan Brown out of East Grand Rapids at RB. All those players have already verbally committed to Ferris State University.

Position (s): WR/S

Height & Weight: 6'2 181 Lbs

First Game Started: 2010 for Inkster at East Kentwood

#1 Most Memorable Game: I scored my first touchdown in the Dearborn Fordson game in 2010 as a Sophomore.

Pre-game Traditions: Before the game I listen to music and keep the team focused and pray.

Post-game Traditions: After win or lose I still say, keep heads up and get ready for the next challenge and pray again.

Athlete you try building your game around: I want to become someone that somebody else can play their game around. On offense, I like to watch Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald and on defense I like to watch Charles Woodson because he plays all around the field.

The D Zone - How does it feel committing to Ferris State?

Brian Williams - "Committing to Ferris State feels great. Committing to a school period feels great because I can now look at the future."

The D Zone - What stands out the most about Ferris State?

Brian Williams - "The thing that stands out to me the most is how the players and students are acquainted with one another and want to win."

The D Zone - What have you enjoyed the most while visiting the campus?

Brian Williams - "I like spending time with the players and coaches, they are good people."

The D Zone - What do the Ferris State coaches, like about the way you play?

Brian Williams - "I believe that the coaches like the athleticism of my caliber and the way I play football. I play smart and physical at the same time."

The D Zone - Have the Ferris State discussed which position you will be playing there?

Brian Williams - "As of now I think I will be on the defensive side of the ball, but it all depends on what they need me at and what I do the best at."

The D Zone - When the Ferris State coaches found out you committed, how was their excitement level and what did they say to you?

Brian Williams - "Coach Annese was very excited to hear I was committing there. He said, "I made his day."

The D Zone - Are you familiar with any players on the Ferris State roster?

Brian Williams - "I am pretty familiar with a few players on their roster."

The D Zone - Ferris State is a program on the rise, what are early thoughts on playing in a very competitive GLIAC?

Brian Williams - "I love the competitive atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why I committed. Going through the recruiting process, I can see that these teams are after each other. I chose a place where I think I can stand a chance in this madness of the GLIAC. I'm grateful to become a part of it."

The D Zone - How awesome will it be lining up with teammate Brandon Harding for 4-5 more years?

Brian Williams - "Brandon is a competitive teammate. I love playing against him and with me. We are going to continue to make each other better as a player and as a person."

The D Zone - So was it your plan to commit on your Birthday or what?

Brian Williams - "It wasn't my plan to commit on my birthday, it just worked out that way."

The D Zone - What's in store for your future leading up to Signing Day?

Brian Williams - "Getting better physically and mentally. I'm committed to Ferris State and looking forward to the future. As of now that's where my head is."