The D Zone predicts the Chippewa Valley vs. Fordson game

Written by
Jeff Corrion

Division 1, Region 4

The game of the week is between #3 Chippewa Valley who is now the highest ranked team in Division 1 and Division 2, they'll play the #6 Fordson Tractors who upset #1 Cass Tech on Saturday afternoon. This state championship type game will only guarantee the winner sees another week vs. either Belleville or West Bloomfield at Troy Athens.

Chippewa Valley has won 3 Regionals with their most recent being in 2003.

Fordson has won 5 Regionals with their most recent being in 2008.

Prediction: Chippewa Valley by 3


Posted by Bigmoe Abdallah Abdallah 11/06/2018

It should be a great game!! We just pounded the #1 team in the state! This will be a tough game but we will bring it!! Tractors are coming to town be ready! We playing powerhouse smash mouth football and we’re not letting down!!

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