Prospects The D Zone will be seeing on 9/28 (Story)

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

The 6th week of the regular season is a strong one, but the two best games in the state will be in the busiest county in the state, Wayne County. #5 Belleville vs. #11 Fordson and #16 River Rouge vs. #33 Harper Woods are great games on paper.

The D Zone staff on Friday will be at: Fordson at Belleville, River Rouge at Harper Woods, Denby at Renaissance, and Cass Tech at Cody.

In total of the 171 players in the state who are ranked, we'll be seeing 40 of them in these 4 games.

Below are the prospects we're aware of entering the game. We look forward to discovering more talent.

Cass Tech:

2019 RB Jaren Mangham - #5 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Colorado commit. Part of a lethal two headed monster with Lew Nichols.

2019 QB/S Jalen Graham - #26 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Undecided but has plenty of upside still despite 24 offers.

2019 WR/CB Kyron McKinnie-Harper - #29 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Central Michigan commit. Always has a knack for making plays.

2019 RB Lewis Nichols - #41 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Central Michigan commit. A traditional 1-cut/every down type back, will have opportunity to show that at CMU.

2019 WR/S Ormondell Dingle - #52 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Central Michigan commit. A wide framed ATH who makes plays on both sides of the ball.

2019 OLB Devin Nicholson - #58 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Eastern Michigan commit. Had a huge off-season that he earned multiple offers.

2019 LB/DE James Ester - #60 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Holds Memphis offer. Plays DE at 6'3 220 because team needs him more there but if he stays around the same size, will make for a very versatile OLB prospect.

2019 Slot/KR Jevan Swanigan - #78 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. 6 offers. Swanigan is one of the biggest home run threats in the state.

2019 OLB Marcellus Gaines - #93 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Towson commit. Gaines is an athletic prospect.

2019 OLB Cameron Ingram - #99 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. 5 offers.

2019 OT Allen Jones Jr - Returning starter at 6'5 315 lbs. 4 offers.

2019 WR/S Noah Stamps-Freeman - 6'1 180 lbs playmaker with an absolute knack for making plays. 3 offers.

2019 CB/WR Rico Sims - 4.4 CB with lockdown coverage abilities. Holds a D2 offer already.

2019 DT Jaylen Billings - 6'2 265 lbs with Lawrence Tech offer.

2019 OT/DT Darius Bellamy - Monsterous lineman who moves great, due to be a major breakout.

2020 DE Tremayne Oliver - #32 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020.

2020 MLB Daniel Wynn - Impressed us in the summer/spring in workouts as a team leader and is fighting like hell for playing time among several senior D1 linebackers.

2020 QB Sebastian Brown - 6'1 165 QB looks to be in a QB platoon with Jalen Graham. Good arm and athletic abilities.

2020 DT Duwayne Legette - Legette is a load to handle and will be a rising prospect for CT.

2021 OC Raheem Anderson II - #3 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2021. 6 offers.

2021 LB Kobe King - #7 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2021. 5 offers.

2021 OT Terrence Enos Jr. - #12 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2021. 6'5 305, impressed us with athletic abilities in basketball in AAU all off-season.

2021 CB Kalen King - 5'9 160 lbs sophomore with an Iowa State offer.

2019 WR Otha Moore is tough as nails, possession receiver who had a early nice reception and fought for yards after carry. Solid blocker as well. Should be getting Division II and NAIA interest.

2019 S Tyler Milliner stepped up for the Technicians when we seen them last in week 1 as he's a solid player with good instincts and tracks the ball fast.

2019 OLB Ke'Shon Parker is a 6'1 210 lbs who added 15 lbs this off-season, looked very solid last we seen him in week 1. Looking for his first offer.

2021 OG Craig Rush is a monster prospect but still moves well and is a fierce competitor, you'll be hearing his name a lot in the future.

Detroit Cody:

2020 S Josh Wiley is an outstanding 6'2 200 lbs Safety prospect who is long and rangy plus can hit. Riley is ranked as the #47 player in the class of 2020 by The D Zone.

2019 OLB/S Joe Thomas is a 6'2 185 lbs prospect with very good athleticism and has good on field IQ.


2019 DE Adrian Brown is a 6'2 230 lbs prospect who recently got his first offer from Urbana (D2).

2019 MLB Ty’Metrius Patterson is a solid prospect who is extremely under the radar at this point.

2020 DT Jermaine Trammell is a high motor 5'11 260 lbs DT prospect who is generating Division 1 interest.

2019 OC Jaivon Preston is a 6'2 305 lbs OC prospect who holds Concordia and Urbana offers.

2019 OT Louie Curtis is a 6'5 310 lbs prospect.

2019 RB/CB T’Shawn Wilkes is a nice and shifty back who had some nice runs for Denby the last time we seen them play.

2019 WR/CB Jamari Griffin is a vertical threat who can make tough catches look easy with his length.


2020 QB Raequan Beal is a 6'4 200 lbs QB who is ranked by The D Zone as the #21 player in the Class of 2020. Beal is an athletic, yet strong armed QB who is dangerous when he throws.

2019 MLB Dakarai Washington is a 6' 220 lbs linebacker prospect who is a sure-tackler, fills gap, and can move well with pretty good athleticism.

2021 CB Robert Army is a 6'1 175 lbs CB with good athleticism and cover skills. We seen him camp at Jourdan Lewis' skill camp this summer, so we look forward to seeing him in a game.

2020 WR/DB Taiquon Reid is a quick and agile playmaker at 5'11.

2021 RB Justin Whitehorn is a 5'8 165 lbs RB who holds an offer from Akron.

2021 WR/CB Jeff Bowens Jr. is a 5'10 155 lbs upcoming player for the Phoenix.

River Rouge:

2019 DE Ruke Orhorhoro - #3 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Clemson commit. Orhorhoro is the first player from Michigan to commit to Clemso in over 40 years.

2019 ATH Daraun McKinney - #44 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Northern Illinois commit. State record holder for kickoff and punt returns for a touchdown in a season.

2019 WR/CB Kamal Hadden - #47 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Central Michigan commit.

2019 QB Emanuel Ferguson - #48 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Dual-threat QB who is committed to Air Force.

2019 DE Jaylen Henderson - #76 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. 3 offers.

2019 CB/Slot Chrysten Cochran - #84 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. North Dakota commit.

2019 ATH Mekhi Hunt - 5'10 170 lbs explosive playmaker.

2019 DT Dontrell Walker - 6'1 275 lbs interior mauler who gets it done on both side of the ball. 2 DII offers.

2020 RB De'Andre Bulley - #24 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 6 offers.

2020 LB Deshawn Walker - #35 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 2 offers.

2020 CB David Carter Jr - #37 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 4 offers.

2020 TE Chastin Cross - #57 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 6'4 200 lbs.

2021 CB LeRoy Watson - Watson will be the next great DB to come out of Rouge. Rouge has become a factory for DB's in recent years.

Harper Woods:

2019 WR/CB Elija Griffin is a 6' 175 lbs ATH prospect who experienced a major spike in his recruiting process over the off-season. Griffin is committed to Toledo and is the #35 ranked player in the Class of 2019.

2019 DB/WR Jordan Anderson is a the #46 ranked player in the Class of 2019 and the Bowling Green State commit is as solid as they come at DB. Anderson is 5'11 190 lbs and is a very physical player.

2019 OL Rachon Gulley is the #80 ranked player by The D Zone in the class of 2019. Gulley is a 6'4 325 lbs lineman who moves well and is powerful with a high-motor.

2021 OC Davion Weatherspoon is a 6'2 285 lbs interior mauler for the Pioneers and is ranked already as the #10 player in the class of 2021. The sophomore has a solid base, good balance, and is relentless in his blocks.

2019 S Keambiroiro Perdue is committed to Ferris State. The 5'9 180 lbs Perdue is an aggressive and quick DB.

2019 WR/TE Chris Robinson is a 6'4 200 lbs receiver/tight end prospect with several offers.

2020 DE/WR Deovion Brown has developed from just a WR to DE as well. When we seen him at Siena Heights camp this summer, the 6'2 200 lbs Brown received an offer following his workout as a DE.

2019 QB Corey Graham is a 6'1 160 lbs QB prospect who throws with precision and has decent mobility. Was formerly at Oak Park and split some reps with Dwan Mathis last season.

2019 OG James Drain is a very solid lineman who is 6'2 262 lbs and has good versatility. Drain is committed to Division 1-FCS school, Morgan State.

2019 LB/DE TJ Gunter is a well put together prospect with very good physical intangibles.

2022 DB/RB Christion Stokes is a 5'9 165 lbs Freshman playing on Varsity for the Pioneers.


2019 OT Devontae Dobbs is arguably the state's #1 prospect, as Dobbs is one of a few 5-star prospects in Michigan's Class of 2019. The D Zone has Dobbs at #2 in the 2019 class, the left side for 2021 QB Christian Dhue-Reid should always be safe and we look forward to seeing Dobbs have dozens of punishing blocks. Dobbs is committed to Michigan State.

2019 ATH Julian Barnett is ranked by The D Zone as the #7 prospect in the Class of 2019 as Barnett is in our opinion the best 2-way player in the state. The Michigan State commit is a solid 6'2 with a nice frame. Barnett is very fluid and athletic, so he makes for a great high school receiver and defensive back. We're very intrigued by what position he will play in college.

2019 DE/OLB Jalen Hunt rounds out of The D Zone's top 10 prospects in the 2019 class at #10 as the Iowa commit despite being 6'2 255 lbs is an athletic and fast player who can play multiple positions and not skip a beat.

2019 LB Marvin Ham is the #11 ranked player by The D Zone in the class of 2019 as Ham is a fast and athletic LB prospect at 6'1 215 lbs who can lay heavy hits and drop back well in coverage. Ham is committed to Boston College.

2019 DE Tyrece Woods Is a strong and powerful edge rusher that was a 3-year varsity starter for King before transferring to Belleville over the off-season. Woods is one of the best overall players around and is committed to Michigan. Woods is ranked as the 19th player in the Class of 2019 by The D Zone.

2019 DT Jalen Bell had a monsterous junior season last year at King with 71 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, and 10 sacks in 2017. Bell is an extremely high-motored prospect and despite being 5'11 earned an offer from Akron which is where he is committed to. Bell is ranked by The D Zone as the #43 prospect in the Class of 2019.

2019 RB Khalid Crawford has been a consistently reliable RB for the Tigers as the 5'10 190 pound Crawford is a true gamer who is going to draw a lot of looks by D2 and NAIA schools.

2019 MLB Jaden Johnson is a nice prospect at 5'11 210 who moves sideline-to-sideline well and holds offers from Davenport and Lawrence Tech already.

2019 OLB Dylan Zagula is a 6'3 215 lbs prospect who was not too long ago a quarterback in his early years of high school but has filled up his frame nicely and will figure to attract a lot of attention during his senior season and after.

2020 CB Andre Seldon Jr is the lone commit in the Class of 2020 as he committed to Michigan over the summer following what has become a routine of great camp performances. The 5'8 CB is has as good coverage as we've ever seen in the state and locks down his entire side of the field. Seldon earlier this year had 3 interceptions in a game. Seldon is ranked as the #11 player in the Class of 2020 by The D Zone.

2020 CB/WR Michael Jenkins Jr. is the #38 player in the Class of 2020 and holds an offer from Central Michigan. Jenkins is a 6' 185 lbs prospect with good speed and ball skills.

2020 WR Jalen Williams is going to be a player we figure will rise tremendously in the rankings as he's currently at #43, Williams who is 6'3 195 lbs is unstoppable when he's dialed in with tremendous length and good speed. With Williams size and length, he's a go-to target for QB Christian Dhue-Reid.

2020 OG Sherrod Green is one of Belleville's interior maulers who at 6'1 310 lbs is too much for opposing lineman to handle. Green holds an early offer from D1-FCS program, Morgan State. Green is ranked as the #56 player in the Class of 2020.

2020 CB Travon Monroe is an upcoming CB for the Tigers that is fast and has good coverage skills.

2021 OT Damon Payne is The D Zone's top prospect in the Class of 2021 and for good reason as Payne is already a menacing sophomore figure at 6'4 275 lbs and will only continue to add muscle and athleticism. Payne has already earned offers from the 2018 National Championship teams, Alabama and Georgia.

2021 QB Christian Dhue-Reid started on Varsity last season for Belleville and has been sensational for Belleville as he's one of the leading passers in the state in yards and touchdown throws.

2021 Slot Deion Burks is an explosive Slot prospect who will be getting a lot of interest in the near future.

2021 OT Ramier Lewis is a 6'5 sophomore OT prospect who also plays basketball, and clearly moves well for his enormous size.


2019 OLB/WR Timothy Stallworth Jr is a 6'1 190 lbs prospect who holds 9 offers and is a key piece to the Tractors offense and defense after previously being at Walled Lake Western. Fordson will need to get a few big plays out of Stallworth on Friday. Stallworth is ranked as the #71 prospect in the class of 2019.

2019 RB/S Abraham Jaafar is a versatile playmaker for Fordson who can do it all if he needs to. The 5'8 175 lbs Jaafar is also a dangerous weapon in the Slot. Jaafar's lone offer at this point is from Lawrence Tech.

2020 RB/OLB James Wheeler is a 6'1 195 lbs prospect who is a fast and hard hitting prospect. Wheeler who was formerly at Detroit Central holds offers from: Bowling Green State, Northwood, and Davenport.

2019 OG/DT Mahdi Hazime is a transfer from Canada this off-season and picked up 7 offers over the off-season from various D1-FCS, D2, and NAIA schools. Hazime is 6'3 290 lbs and could see another spike in his recruiting process.

2019 QB Hussein Ajami is a very underrated QB prospect at this point. He's a dual-threat QB with a very strong arm and pretty good accuracy. Ajami holds an offer from Lawrence Tech and a Division III roster spot opportunity from Mount Union.

2019 OT Ali Jaber is a 6'7 330 lbs offensive tackle prospect with obviously great size and pretty good athleticism.

2019 DE/TE Hadi Hamid is a 6'4 225 lbs prospect who has been key for the Tractors with 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Hamid holds an offer from Lawrence Tech and Division III roster spots from: Adrian, Kalamazoo, and Mount Union.

2019 DL Mouhamad Mehdi is an interior mauler for Fordson who is strong, fast, and causes problems. The 6'2 260 lbs Mehdi holds offers from Dayton and Cornell.

2019 DE/OLB/TE Mohamed Basma is a 6'4 240 lbs problem on the line as he's a high-motored prospect who gets after it. Basma has 8 TFL and 5 sacks so far this year. Basma holds D3 roster spots from: Hope, Mount Union, and Ohio Wesleyan.

2020 WR Malek Alshawabkeh is a 6'3 200 lbs receiver prospect who could open a lot of eyes this game vs. Belleville's stacked group of LB's and DB's.

2019 OLB/DE Moe Mokdad is a hard-nosed player who can move well too. The 6' 225 lbs prospect holds an offer from Lawrence Tech.

2019 MLB/RB Muhammad Hammoud is a nice 5'7 180 lbs prospect with Division III roster spots from Alma and Mount Union.