East Lansing 2021 WR Andrel Anthony has the fastest 5-10-5 Drill time at The D Zone Combine

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

East Lansing 2021 WR Andrel Anthony is a name that very few college coaches know yet, but ones that are wise better listen up now because Anthony is a major sleeper in the 2021 class.

The 6'1.5" 160 lbs receiver was a standout across the board and topped David Holloman and Donovan Edwards as top performers on the 5-10-5 Drill.

Anthony ran a 3.807 electronically timed.

It's worth noting this was not a Pro-Agility or Pro-Shuttle, the difference between the two was players were requested to have their foot touch the line instead of their hand, therefore allowing players to utilize their body and explode better and quicker out of turns.

With this drill being electronic once a participant moves the clock starts and once he crosses the (starting) line a second time, it stops and records the time.

Anthony also had electronic times of: 4.186, 4.095, and 4.216 so if 3.8 was too big of an outlier, just know he's hitting the Shuttle at a very low 4.0 time.

Anthony is an outstanding basketball player as well and should draw interest in both sports from colleges.

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