Interview with DeWitt 2013 P Ryan Anderson who committed to Saginaw Valley State

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Jeff Corrion

It's been a pretty exciting period for the Saginaw Valley State recruiting the past 1-2 weeks, with big commits coming in from all over the state. One area the Cardinals added valuable talent and depth was at receiver, the Cardinals already had commitments from Leonte Degraffenreid of Edsel Ford and Chaz Miller of Lake Orion. But right after Miller committed, DeWitt's big time playmaker, Ryan Anderson also committed. Tight End commit, Will Farr was really excited that his Lansing area friend committed too. Farr sent out a series of tweets talking about his excitement, "Soo happy @Ryann_Anderson committed to SVSU!!! #SVSU #roomies." Farr wasn't the only SVSU commit who was excited to see Anderson commit. With Twitter and Facebook, it has allowed players from different regions to communicate and build team chemistry.

Position (s): WR/P

Height & Weight: 6'3" 180

First Game Started: At Eastern (First game of my Junior Year)

#1 Most Memorable Game: The District Finals this year at Linden. We were down late in the game and we came back from behind to tie the game up and go into overtime. We ended up winning in the 6th overtime which is the longest in MHSAA Playoff history.

Pre-game Traditions: Go to Subway and then chill with the team at the school waiting for our meetings to begin.

Post-game Traditions: Watch 5th quarter with some of the team.

Athlete you try building your game around: I try to build my game around Calvin Johnson because he is hands down the best receiver in the NFL. His athleticism and strength is unreal. The way he high points the ball and runs his routes really gives young receivers something to try and mold their game around.

The D Zone - How does it feel committing to Saginaw Valley State?

Ryan Anderson - "It feels great committing. It feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it has made me really excited for the future."

The D Zone - What stands out the most about Saginaw Valley State?

Ryan Anderson - "The thing that stands out most about SVSU is the fact that their coaches are all so personable. They are all genuine people and I really like that about their program."

The D Zone - What have you enjoyed the most while visiting the campus?

Ryan Anderson - "I enjoyed their campus as a whole when I visited but I would have to say that I enjoyed their dorms the most."

The D Zone - What do the Saginaw Valley State coaches like about the way you play?

Ryan Anderson - "They like my ability to go up and locate the ball and come down with it. They also like my athleticism and my ability to run crisp routes. They like my ability to punt the ball as well."

The D Zone - When the Saginaw Valley State coaches found out you committed, how was their excitement level and what did they say to you?

Ryan Anderson - "When I called Coach Fodrocy to tell him that I am committing he was really excited and said how he looks for great things out of me and the 2013 recruiting class in the future. A little while later Coach Collins called me and was very happy as well saying all good things."

The D Zone - Are you familiar with any players on the Saginaw Valley State roster?

Ryan Anderson - "Yes, I am familiar with Caleb Higbie who is going into his third year up at SVSU. He played here at DeWitt and I am very familiar with him."

The D Zone - Have you had a chance to meet with anyone from the Class of 2013 and any players you are trying to pull with you to SVSU?

Ryan Anderson - "Yes I have, throughout this whole recruiting process I have had a chance to meet many different recruits from across the state."

The D Zone - What's in store for your future leading up to Signing Day?

Ryan Anderson - "Now that I committed I am just going to be focusing on school and basketball and enjoying time with my friends and family."

The D Zone - Any closing comments you have?

Ryan Anderson - "I really want to thank my family for being there for me throughout this whole process and always supporting me in anything that I do. I would also like to thank my coach, Coach Zimmerman for making me into the best high school football player I could be and preparing me for college football. He has helped me a lot throughout this process and I appreciate everything that he has done for me."

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