Brother Rice 2018 DE/OLB Mike Laurencelle explains his commitment to Lehigh

Written by
Jeff Corrion

Brother Rice 2018 DE/OLB Mike Laurencelle committed to Lehigh University on Tuesday evening.

Laurencelle will also head to Lehigh with familiar faces as his previous teammate Matt Jordan in the 2017 Class and RB opponent, RaShawn Allen of Saint Mary's in the Class of 2018 will be at Lehigh as well.

The 6'4" 235 lbs DE/OLB is obviously a huge matchup issue for opponents as Laurencelle can perform both positions at a high level.

Laurencelle explained why he committed to Lehigh, "Lehigh seemed like the right spot," said Laurencelle. "The Patriot League football is underrated and is actually very intense"

What really stood out about Lehigh from Laurencelle's other 5 offers he said was their academics, "Lehigh has great tradition and history in football and their academics. The academics set Lehigh apart from other offers."

As for the campus, Laurencelle was amazed at its location he explained, "The campus is located in the hills of Pennsylvania and it is absolutely stunning. I knew I couldn't go wrong with a choice like this."

Graduation Year
  • DE
  • OLB