Top Performers from The Gaulet Camp 2018

Written by
Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

The Gaulet took place this past weekend where campers received extensive coaching and a chance to show their skills in 1 on 1's.

MVP: Goodrich 2021 WR Tyson Davis - The Flint-area Freshman started his high school career by returning a kickoff for a touchdown in the opening game of his high school career in 2017. Davis is also a standout in Basketball. On Saturday Davis was too much for the CB's as he constantly went vs. the top defenders. The Freshman had several impressive vertical and short/intermediate routes. It was the first camp that Davis ever attended.

Offensive MVP: Everest Academy 2019 ATH Nino Mastromatteo - The Division 8 receiver was extremely tough to stop. With crisp routes and an ability to fight through press Mastromatteo was having a field day.

Defensive MVP: De La Salle 2019 CB Josh DeBerry - DeBerry having 11 Division 1 offers was constantly requested by receivers and DeBerry answered the call. With speed and ball skills, DeBerry was able to win a majority of his reps throughout the day.

Flint Carman-Ainsworth 2020 QB Dustin Fletcher - Fletcher the previous 5 days before the camp was visiting 10 colleges. The 6'4 athletic QB showed little rust as he has good mechanics and showed his arm strength/accuracy through the day. The night before the camp he was offered by SEC school, Kentucky.

Lapeer 2020 LB Phoenix Dickson - No player may have drawn more fingers than the 6'2 210 lbs sophomore LB. With his size, mobility, and physical traits Dickson was solid through the camp and excelled in 1 on 1's.

Detroit King 2019 CB RayShawn Williams - The Crusaders junior athlete utilizes his speed and physical traits to his advantage. Williams constantly went vs. the top receivers and broke up many passes or used his physical abilities to press a receiver.

Detroit King 2019 WR Darrell Wyatt - A long and lengthy receiver with good speed and route running. Wyatt went vs. the top competition all day and if DB's couldn't get their hands on him, he blew past them for several wide open catches.

Grand Blanc 2020 WR Latrell Fordham - Fordham we thought during the day had a good camp, as we saw him make a lot of plays. When we rewatched the film, we were blown away with some of the catches and precise routes Fordham had.

Belleville 2022 CB/WR Myles Rowser - The 8th grader constantly went vs. high school talent and top receivers. He had his fair share of won reps and several reps that in a year or so, he would win with more experience. Rowser picked off two short routes for interceptions during 1 on 1's.

Saint Mary's 2019 RB Josh McCarty - The Eaglets RB has a nice a blend of speed and physical abilities. McCarty was solid in drills and 1 on 1's as he took care of business vs. Linebackers.

Flint Beecher 2021 WR/DB Danny Bradley - Bradley started off the reps in 1 on 1's lackluster, but once he got going a few reps in, he was incredible. Displaying physical traits and superb ball-skills, by the end of the camp, Bradley was in our opinion one of the top performers.

Seaholm 2019 QB Gray Kinnie - Receivers constantly wanted to do 1 on 1's with Kinnie as he has a nice quick release and has a very strong arm.

Woodhaven 2019 DT Dorian Wesley - The 6'5 285 lbs Wesley is an ox as he benched 235 lbs, 17 times. Wesley has a quick burst and punch off the line of scrimmage. It's shocking that more MAC's aren't involved in his recruiting process as camp season approaches.

Fenton 2021 DE/LB Austin Henard - One of the top of Freshman across the state was impressive in our first encounter. Henard worked as DE and utilized his physical/pursuit skills. It will be interesting to see how he grows these next few years that will determine if he gets recruited as a defensive lineman or linebacker.

Coaches QB MVP's:

Avery Moore, Josh Bogan, Gray Kinnie, Dustin Fletcher, and George Walterhouse

Coaches RB MVP's:

Logan VanEnkevort, Curtis Hamilton, Josh McCarty, and Michael Jamerson

Coaches WR MVP's:

Tyson Davis, Nino Mastromatteo, Latrell Fordham, Darrell Wyatt, and Kardia Allen

Coaches OL MVP's:

Zack Conti, Brian Jones, Jay Tunstall

Coaches DL MVP's:

Parker Brady, Dorian Wesley, Austin Henard, and Julian Lentner

Coaches LB MVP's:

Carl Ware, Phoenix Dickson, Cameron Wells, Cardiea Harris, and Lamone Willams.

Coaches DB MVP's:

Josh DeBerry, RayShawn Williams, Damond Hardwick, Jordan Garcia, and Karvion Jenkins