Top Performers from Mona Shores-Canton

Written by
Evan Paputa
Photo Credit
Jason Goorman

2018 QB Tristan Robbins (Mona Shores)- The Sailors' senior quarterback passed and ran for a combined 216 yards. Whether it was a crucial throw or a burst of speed, Robbins got the job done in both the passing and running game. Robbins ran 12 times for 86 yards and a touchdown.

2018 RB D'Anthony Davis (Mona Shores)- Davis ran for two touchdowns on 14 carries, for 108 yards. He was always able to power his way for extra yards after being hit by the first defender.

2019 RB Sincere Dent (Mona Shores)- Dent was always able to find a little hole and burst through it. He rushed for 65 yards and twp touchdowns.

2018 WR/DB Keyshawn Summerville (Mona Shores)- Although Summerville was not able to reach the endzone, he sure provided a spark for the Sailors. He made two incredible downfield catches with defenders draped all over him. For the day, he caught four passes for 74 yards.

2019 SB/CB Ke'Sean Sandifer (Mona Shores)- Mona Shores statistician counted an impressive 17 tackles by Sandifer and 4 pass deflections.

2019 RB/DB Steven Walker (Canton)- Not many running backs run harder than Walker, who was always fighting for the extra inches when it seemed like he was going to the ground. He rushed for 158 yards.

2019 RB/DB Nick Polydoras (Canton)- Quietly, Polydoras ran for two touchdowns and 47 yards on just eight carries. Defensively, he led his team with seven tackles, six solo.