The top 10 performers The D Zone covered during the Rising Stars MLK Camp on Jan 17

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

The top 10 performers The D Zone covered during the Rising Stars MLK Camp on Jan 17. Tough choices and a very competitive camp/combine.

1. West Bloomfield 2024 CB Jamir Benjamin - We counted at least 4 PBU's and 1 interception from Benjamin during the camp. He often went vs. the top receivers of the camp to make this a no-brainer decision. He picked up a West Virginia offer during the season and more will surely be coming soon.

2. Dexter 2023 RB Cole Cabana - He earned offers from Michigan and Pittsburgh 2 days before the camp and could have easily thrown in the towel, but he was back on Monday getting better. He looked great in drills and ran a 4.34 forty-yard dash during the combine part of the camp.

3. Ann Arbor Huron 2023 DE/OT Laith Shamma - He's a towering 6'6 prospect who was impossible to miss as he displayed great athleticism throughout the camp. In 1on1's, he was too quick and used technique to blow past defenders and had a good rep when we saw him take one as an OT. He holds a lone offer from Toledo.

4. Rochester 2023 QB Alex Bueno - Had a very good performance and was one of the last players talking to college coaches for a reason. We didn't see any poorly thrown passes as most were greatly thrown passes.

5. Dakota 2023 QB Ethan Hamby - There's not much hype behind his name now, but he's getting better each time we see him and he certainly was a standout throughout Monday night. He threw to a variety of receivers in 1on1's and most were completions.

6. Troy 2023 CB/WR Darius Whiteside - A long and lengthy CB who made life miserable for opposing QB's who didn't have very many windows and the receivers were too tightly covered to make plays. He is a long and lengthy prospect at a legitimate 6'2.

7. Dakota 2023 OLB Calvin Watson - Looked tremendous in drills and was really good in 1on1's as well. 6'1 200 lbs but looks leaner and plays basketball as well. He had a really good performance when we saw him play this past Fall as well.

8. Berkley 2023 OC/OG Isaac Dawkins - On film he looks good at OT, but we've only seen him work as an interior lineman in the camps and he's looked each time. He uses good technique and has good footwork, which allowed for many won reps.

9. Eisenhower 2022 WR Ethan Barker - Very explosive receiver/playmaker who is still uncommitted. He looked good in the camp and had several great routes/catches.

10. Southfield A&T 2022 OT Chimdindu Obi - Was one of the best looking o-linemen on Monday and at 6'2 260, he's a very intriguing player to watch out for in the future. He holds a bunch of NAIA and D-3 interest now, but should surely be tabbed as a late-bloomer.