Student Section Showdown: 2017 Rules

As you all may know, The D Zone has been promoting a competition known as the Student Section Showdown to prove which school has the best student section in the State for 2017!

Grand Blanc was the Inaugural Champions in 2012, you can review the reason why here, Bedford High School took home the honors in 2013, Chippewa Valley in 2014 and 2015took home the honors, and Stoney Creek broke through in 2016.

Before we continue on to the rules, please understand there will be a major rule update in between week 1 and 2 that will be effect for the entire season. The rule changes are parallel with a major announcement that The D Zone LLC will be releasing in the near future.

We are aware that some schools have higher enrollments than others but we are still going to have 1 overall winner unless there is a high amount of schools who participate weekly and then we will divide the competition into 2 groups! We ask that the people interested in the competition must submit photos and video of them and their crew getting as rowdy as possible. Bonus points will be awarded to people who come up with the most original theme and chants.

Some basics as to how we determine the winners;
1. Consistency - home and away games each week
2. Follow the rules - self explanatory (see below)
3. Win bonus points - we announce these weekly
- Bonus points influence weekly rankings, not determine an overall winner

For those who are entering, please use the hashtag with both #TheDZone and #SSS on Twitter! We will evaluate who wins the competition at the end of the season. So hurry up and enter!


Best of luck to all