Prospects The D Zone will be seeing on 8/31 (Story)

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

The second week of the season is stacked with competitive games across the state as well as teams traveling out of state or hosting out of state opponents.

The D Zone staff on Friday, will be at: King at Muskegon and West Bloomfield at Clarkston

Below are the prospects we're aware of entering the game. We look forward to discovering more talent.


Muskegon will be led up front by the state's #1 prospect, 2019 OL Anthony Bradford. The LSU commit is a punishing, high-motored, and dominant lineman who Muskegon relied upon to pave their path to the Division 3 State Championship and #1 ranking in 2017. Bradford paved the way for QB Cam Martinez who rushed for 290 yards in week 1.

The #3 prospect in the Class of 2020 is 2020 DE/OLB Billie Roberts. Roberts is a 6'5 250 lbs freak on the edge, who is one of the key returning players for the Big Reds on defense. Roberts spent all off-season tuning up his speed and explosiveness playing AAU, so despite 9 offers - look to see a surge in his recruiting process.

2020 ATH Cameron Martinez will be the Big Reds QB in their dangerous veer offense. Martinez had a solid 2-year stint at Muskegon Catholic Central and at 5'11 190 lbs, Martinez is getting looks at other positions on the field. Martinez is an explosive athlete with a nice frame, so Slot appears to be his future in college. Martinez rushed for 290 yards and 5 touchdowns in week 1 vs. De La Salle.

2019 OLB/S Ali'Vonta Wallace is a 6'1 210 lbs prospect who earned 4 offers last year but was quiet all summer, so we look to see his name more. Wallace is ranked as the #85 prospect in the Class of 2019. Wallace picked up where he left off in week 1, by flying all over the field.

2019 OL Marquis Cooper is Anthony Bradford's partner in crime on the line of scrimmage. The #90 ranked Class of 2019 prospect holds 2 offers and should be seeing more interest in the future.

2020 OC/DT D'Andre Mills-Ellis is a reliable 6'2 289 prospect who we have ranked as the #42 recruit in the Class of 2020. Mills-Ellis will be due to see a stock increase in the near future.

Detroit King:

2019 S Marvin Grant - #17 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Purdue commit. Who has shown tremendous range and the ability to hit hard.

2019 WR/OLB Jalen McGaughy - #24 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Northern Illinois commit, recently offered by SEC school, Mizzou McGaughy could be one of the biggest late bloomers which is surprising to say given that he's committed, but missed mostly all of last year so he hasn't been recruited at a high level yet.

2019 CB/WR Ahmad Gardner - #33 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Cincinnati commit. Long and lengthy with superb athleticism.

2019 MLB Rich Miller - #37 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Buffalo commit. One of the best in the state at getting to the ball and hits hard. Very fast athlete which is unfortunately lost in the shuffle due to him being a LB.

2019 QB Dequan Finn - #39 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Central Michigan commit. Finn is another who could see himself move up in the rankings. 6 total touchdowns vs. East St. Louis, IL in week 1 is mind-blowing given how strong of a program ESL is, but Finn has always been a gamer and a dominant player.

2019 WR Darrell Wyatt - #70 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Central Michigan commit. A long and rangy receiver who really solidified his routes over the off-season.

2019 OT Deshawn Ingram - #87 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Howard commit. A mauler who moves well and has long strong arms.

2019 CB/WR RayShawn Williams - #95 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2019. Youngstown State commit. The speedburner was all over the field for the Crusaders in week 1 and figures to continue to be huge piece.

2019 RB Shondel Hardnett - A balanced back at 5'10 and 190 lbs who holds 2 offers. Ran over over 50+ yards in a loaded backfield in week 1, Hardnett is a quiet killer.

2020 WR Rashawn Williams - #7 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 29 offers. Showed he has a strong case of being ranked even higher which is full of good company in the Class of 2020 in Michigan. Williams constantly got open vs. East St. Louis, IL and was lethal in space.

2020 RB Peny Boone - #15 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 16 offers. Boone is a big-bodied and fast RB prospect.

2020 OT Deondre Buford - #20 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 14 offers. Dominant in their week 1 game and was active all over the line of the scrimmage. Extremely athletic and runs well for 6'5 245 lbs.

2020 WR/DB Lemuel Watley - #27 ranked The D Zone prospect in the Class of 2020. 10 offers. Watley told The D Zone after the game that it was his first time playing DB vs. East St. Louis, we would have never guessed as he had 2 interceptions and responsible for a fumble being forced. We look to see a strong performance on both sides of the ball on Friday.

West Bloomfield:

2019 LB/ATH Lance Dixon is committed to Penn State and is the #4 ranked player in the Class of 2019. Dixon is an extremely athletic prospect with great size who can do what he wants defensively and has gotten more involved offensively as well, due to being such a great athlete.

2019 WR Tre Mosley is committed to Michigan State and is the #12 ranked prospect in the Class of 2019. Mosley is a strong route runner with good hands and long arms, making him a threat on every play.

2019 WR Tyrone Broden is The D Zone's #56 ranked player in the Class of 2019 as the 6'4 180 lbs receiver has had an incredible off-season. Broden is an athletic and long receiver who over time will be impossible to stop on jump balls.

2020 S Makari Paige is ranked as the #5 prospect in the Class of 2020 by The D Zone as he's a prototype Safety prospect with great length and isn't afraid to lay big hits. 6'3 175 lbs.

2020 LB Cornell Wheeler who is 6'1 220 lbs is ranked by The D Zone as the #13 player in the Class of 2020. Wheeler is a strong and hard-nosed prospect who can fill the gaps well and be a sure-tackler. Wheeler like Dixon also plays offense due to being such a great athlete.

2020 DE Sterling Miles is ranked by The D Zone as the #28 prospect in the Class of 2020. Miles who is 6'5 215 lbs is an athletic and lengthy pass-rusher who is rapidly developing. Miles holds 3 offers.

2021 RB Donovan Edwards is ranked by The D Zone as the #2 prospect in the Class of 2021. The sophomore had a nice freshman season and Edwards who is 6' 195 lbs in his first game as a sophomore was business as usual in their win over Groves with 3 touchdowns. Astonishingly all 6 of Edwards' offers are from Power 5 schools including, Michigan of the Big 10 and Missouri of the SEC.

2019 DE Ian Chambers is a 6'4 205 lbs DE looking to have a major impact his senior year, Chambers holds an offer from Columbia.

2019 DT Tommy Wright is a tough interior presence at 6'3 270 lbs who moves well and gets into the backfield with ease with strong moves off the line of scrimmage. Wright holds 2 DII offers.

2020 QB CJ Harris is an athletic QB at 6'3 185 lbs who throws well and is pretty accurate. Harris is the Lakers starting QB.

2019 WR McCano Hayes is an the under the radar Athlete with big play capabilities. Should be an ATH that all D1-FCS and D2 colleges are on.

2019 QB Christopher Williams Jr is a 6'2 210 lbs QB with a strong arm. Williams transferred in from Cranbrook and is the backup but is still a QB that D2's and NAIA's will look at this year.

2019 WR Dell Shepherd is another home run threat for the Lakers at 6' 180 lbs. Shepherd is a definite D2/NAIA prospect.

2019 OG Jonathan Miller is a 6'3 290 lbs prospect who can move well and can run-block as good as anyone. Has good leverage as well.

2019 WR/DB Isaiah Berry is 6'1 170 lbs and has a lot of athleticism which will attract D2's and NAIA's.

2019 OT Jackson Laird is a 6'5 255 lbs OT prospect with fundamentals and good base, will be interesting to see him develop as a Senior and fill out frame more.

2019 S Tre Shorter is a 6'1 185 lbs Safety prospect that tracks the ball well and has good length.

2020 CB Chandler Swoope is a 6'1 190 CB who is fast and has excellent ball-skills. Older brother, Chase Swoope plays at Saginaw Valley State.

2020 DT/OG Beau Davis transferred in from Alabama and is a ferocious presence in the trenches. Davis is definitely a name to know about.

2021 S Gavin Hardeman played on JV as a Freshman and excelled at DE but those close to Hardeman rave about his future at Safety.


2021 OL Garrett Dellinger is the #4 ranked prospect in the Class of 2021 by The D Zone as Dellinger is a 6'6 255 lbs monster in the trenches. Dellinger spent the entire off-season by playing high school and AAU basketball so is definitely improving his burst and athletic abilities. Holds 5 offers including; Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State.

2021 OL Rocco Spindler is ranked at #6 in the Class of 2021 and is 6'4 250 lbs. Spindler had high expectations as a Freshman and more than met them by being an all-around great blocker and ability to get up field and block the next level. Spindler holds the same offers that Dellinger has.

2019 QB Jake Jensen is a dual-sport athlete who also played on the Wolves Class A basketball state championship team in 2018. Jensen 6'2 170 lbs will look to show what he can do in his first year of starting on varsity.

2019 WR/DB Max Nicklin is a lengthy 6'2 190 lbs receiver prospect who can catch a lot of balls in his range.

2019 DE/LB Jay’viar Suggs is a 6'1 215 lbs prospect who moves great for his size, a big game for Suggs vs. West Bloomfield could get his recruiting process going, which will happen eventually. Definite D2 prospect.

2019 LB Brendan Barker is a solid LB prospect at 6' 190 lbs who closes gaps well and is a sure-tackler.

2020 WR/DB Zach Reid is 6' 160 lbs and is an upcoming prospect who runs routes well and is a good blocker.

20202 WR Matt Miller is a 5'10 160 lbs receiver who runs crisp routes and has good ball-skills.