Prospects Recap from Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart vs. Deckerville (Story)

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

Sacred Heart who is historically a very strong 11-man football program made the transition to 8-man football this off-season and had their first major win over Deckerville who has reached the State Finals in each of the past two seasons. Deckerville returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown but it was mostly all Sacred Heart from there as they won, 22-12.

Sacred Heart:

2019 OG Jacob Fritz 6'5 268 lbs lineman prospect who played a lot of snaps on every possession. Fritz did well in pass and run blocking and was very effective as a nose guard. Hearing from Division II schools.

2020 QB/WR Ben Ruggles 6'4 173 lbs QB/WR who had snaps at both positions, more of a natural athlete with good length and size.

2019 WR Noah Krepostman is a 6'2 162 lbs WR who showed throughout the game to be a solid vertical threat receiver and has pretty good hands.

2019 K/P "ATH" Evan Chomchai was the best player on the field as the do-it-all player was around 5'8 but had a several booming punts and accounted for points in 5 different ways: Pitched a shovel pass for a touchdown, blocked a punt and recovered the ball for a touchdown, ran for a touchdown, kicked a PAT, and scored on a 2-point conversion.


2020 MLB/OL Curtis Vogel did all he could for Deckerville on Thursday as the 5'11 225 lbs MLB prospect had many hard-hitting tackles and blew up several Sacred Heart plays before they could form. The junior prospect is definitely someone to look out for as he'll be a 3-year all-stater.

2021 RB/DB Derek Snyder who is 5'9 160 returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown and was very solid throughout the game. Snyder was the Eagles featured back and constantly picked up yardage. Defensively he had some nice tackles and needs to get stronger as he let a few get away. Snyder also was a vocal leader.