Game Recap: Rockford 35, Cedar Springs 6

Written by
Tate Baker

Rockford 35, Cedar Springs 6

Minus a few personal fouls that helped Cedar Springs put together a drive to find the endzone, Rockford played a complete game form start to finish. The Rams offense was explosive from the start, scoring touchdowns on two of their first three plays. Defensively, the Rams shutdown Cedar Spring’s Wing-T attack, limiting the Red Hawks' big plays and largely keeping talented back Antwaun Nicholls in check. It was the type of performance you’re looking for heading into the gauntlet that is the OK Red.

Rams Shutdown Red Hawks Wing-T Attack

Last week, Cedar dismantled Saginaw Swan Valley to the tune of 406 rushing yards and 48 points. Gameplanning for the Wing-T is never a simple task, and according to Rockford standout defensive end Kade Kostus, they were prepared for what they figured to be one of their most physical games of the season.

“Cedar has a lot of talented backs and size up front so we knew that it was going to be a physical battle all game,” said Rockford’s Kade Kostus.” They were coming off a big game and we knew we had to win the battle up front and take away their chances at big plays on the ground. I thought we did a great job of doing that all game.”

Tyler Vroman and Leo Vanderweil Flash Big-Play Potential

Rockford wideouts Tyler Vroman and Leo Vanderweil make opposing coaches, players, and fans hold their breath whenever their routes extend beyond 10 yards. Each wideout has explosive speed and the skillset to make a play on the ball when thrown in their general vicinity. On multiple occasions last night, Vroman and Vanderweil blew past Cedar’s corners, setting up Zak Ahern with a sure target. I expect defenses to try to limit these opportunities going forward, but there’s only so much a defense can do when to limit the big play when you’re going up against two receivers with the ability to stretch the field on opposing sides.

Zak Ahern’s Dominance Continues

Through two games, Zak has racked up five rushing touchdowns and four passing touchdowns and has zero turnovers. He’s on pace to finish with 40+ scores in the regular season, a number which I wouldn’t be surprised to see him surpass given his talent and the number of playmakers that surround him. Granted, Rockford will face tougher defenses in the OK Red, however, his ability to make plays on the run and with his arm, while limiting opportunities to turn the ball over have really set up the Rams to be an offensive juggernaut this season.