Cass Tech's Jaren Mangham touchdown with 7 seconds remaining lifts Technicians to 32-26 win

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Jeff Corrion
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Jeff Corrion

Cass Tech was down on the road with 90 seconds, mostly all media doubting the #3 team in the state, but people forgot one thing.

This is Cass Tech.

Eastern Michigan commit, Aaron Jackson had to of played the game of his life as he scored on a 69-yard touchdown run after Chippewa Valley took an early 7-0 lead with a minute into the game. Jackson delivered a perfect touchdown pass to Washington State commit Brandon Gray in the 2nd quarter and on their final drive he found Kentucky bound LB/S DeAndre Square who was in the game as a receiver. Square who had to twist and dive for the reception, it will be a play that the Technician faithful won't forget. 3 plays later on 3rd down with 7 seconds left in the game, Jaren Mangham dove over top a pile of lineman and linebackers for the game-winning touchdown.

2019 RB Lewis Nichols had an explosive touchdown run as well for Cass Tech. DeAndre Square is arguably the best defensive player in the state as he lined up as a Safety a majority of the game and then went to LB. Jalen Graham is another incredible 2019 prospect who in particular had one huge pass break-up that could have changed the dynamic of the game.

Cass Tech returnman, Jevin Swanigan's kick return unfortunately will be lost in the shuffle of this great game, but following a Big Reds touchdown the Big Reds tried to place a kickoff in between Cass Tech players in hopes of recovering but Swanigan stepped up and stumbled a little but cleanly maintained his balance and then had nothing but green ahead of him.

Western Michigan commit, Andre Carter and LB Ramani Williams had huge games defensively as well.

Marcel Lewis, the Big Reds 2019 star LB had a great game on defense as he stopped a Cass Tech run on 1st and goal from the 1. Lewis plugged a hole, eventually Cass turned the ball over on downs at the 20 yard line. If the hole wasn't clogged Cass Tech would have been up 2 touchdowns. Lewis caught a touchdown pass on the Big Reds first play from scrimmage and was wide open on a screen for 2 touchdowns on the day. 2019 QB Tommy Schuster also added a touchdown pass to Austin Frederick on a Cass Tech blown coverage and he would find Jake Rybicki for their go-ahead touchdown with 1:25 remaining.

Cass Tech will advance to the semi-finals at Troy Athens for the 8th straight year. They'll play West Bloomfield who beat Eisenhower in the final 50 seconds.

Cass Tech was The D Zone's #1 team in the state for pre-season while West Bloomfield was #3.