Interview with Cass Tech 2013 DB Jourdan Lewis

Written by
Branden Hunter
Photo Credit
Jeff Corrion

Over the past 5 years, Cass Tech has produced some talented DB's. Boubacar Cissoko (2008), Thomas Gordon (2009), Dior Mathis (2010), Delonte Hollowell (2011), and Terry Richardson (2012), all of which who have gone on to Michigan to play college ball, besides Dior Mathis who is at Oregon. The tradition continues this year with senior DB and Michigan commit Jourdan Lewis, arguably the best one yet. Lewis recorded 8 interceptions last year and also contributes to the offensive side of the ball, as well as the return game. He and his Cass Tech teammates won the school's first state title as they routed Catholic Central 49-13, and shortly after that blowout, a hate letter was sent to Cass Tech head coach Thomas Wilcher. Regarded as the #1 team in the state, Cass Tech looks to shrug that off and repeat this year with yet another loaded team. Per one of his coaches, Alabama head coach Nick Saban even said Jourdan Lewis is easily one of the top ten players in the whole country. Lewis talks to The D Zone about last season's state title run, the upcoming season, and joining his other Cass Tech teammates at UofM.

Position(s): CB/WR/KR/PR

Height: 5'10" Weight: 165

First game ever started or played: When I was in 10th grade versus Cody in the city playoffs.

Most memorable game played: Our loss to Lake Orion in the state semi-final game my Sophomore year. I'm sure I would have won 2 state championships.

Pregame: I just visualize what I want to do on the field.

Athlete you model your game after: When I was little it was Barry Sanders, because he always made plays.

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - What was it like winning a state title and being a key contributor?

Jourdan Lewis - "Good, it still hasn't fully hit me yet, and I was just doing what I was put on the field to do."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - Last year's team set the bar high, what are this year's team expectations?

Jourdan Lewis - "Win another state title."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - How do you feel about not playing rival King this year, and what games are you looking forward to playing in?

Jourdan Lewis - "I hate it because it's my Senior year, and it's the best game of the year, but I'm just really looking forward to playing the first game of the season against Brother Rice."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - The past 5 years Cass Tech has bred some talented D1 defensive backs like Boubacar Cissoko, Dior Mathis, Terry Richardson and some others, where do you rank yourself?

Jourdan Lewis - "I couldn't even tell you at this point, because I have a whole season ahead of me."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - What attributes of your game separates you from other players on the field?

Jourdan Lewis - "I think my awareness, because I always make the big play."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - Why did you choose to commit to UofM?

Jourdan Lewis - "It's where I always wanted to go, and it's a great school in every way. Michigan would give me a lot of opportunities beyond football."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - You are also a very good WR prospect, could you see yourself playing that position at UofM?

Jourdan Lewis - "Yeah hopefully I could contribute to the offensive side of the ball."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - How was the experience with future teammate Shane Morris at Nike's The Opening this summer in Oregon?

Jourdan Lewis - "It was really fun, I got to see where I stood against some of the best in the country."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - How has Coach Wilcher played an important part in your life and football career at Cass Tech?

Jourdan Lewis - "Very important, he helped instill that toughness in me off the field to be able to go through anything."

Branden Hunter / The D Zone - Why do you think Cass Tech has been able to produce so much D1 talent?

Jourdan Lewis - "I think because a lot of kids see CT is producing D1 athletes, the best around Detroit want to be apart of it. Plus our coaches do a great job turning that potential into something great."

Graduation Year
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